Secularism is a principle…

Secularism is a principle that aims to guarantee freedom of conscience and religion for all citizens, allowing them to practice their religion in compliance with the laws and life in society.

Secularism does not position itself either for or against a particular religion, it aims to ensure the neutrality of the State in matters of religion and to guarantee equality between all citizens, whatever their beliefs or lack of belief. In this, secularism is a fundamental principle for the maintenance of social peace and respect for the rights and freedoms of everyone.

"Secularism is an essential principle for ensuring respect for cultural and religious diversity within a democratic, rational and republican society where no religion or irrational fanatic thought intervenes in the rules and secular social life, while allowing each individual to freely live their personal convictions."
(Quoted from David ABBASI's book "Religiosity and Rationalism"1982)