The Founder

Didier de Plaige

Didier de Plaige is a pioneer of free radio in France. Founder on June 21, 1980 of the pirate radio Here and Now!, he created on January 14, 1973 in Saône-et-Loire the center for meditation and long Buddhist retreats Dashang Kagyu Ling, promoting the installation of Tibetan lamas. In 1987, this place became one of the main centers of attraction for Tibetan Buddhism in Europe.

He translated and published Richard Alpert's book Remember, Be Here Now in 1975 with Éditions Robert Dumas.

On June 21, 1980, he inaugurated the interactive local radio Here and Now! with Guy Skornik, Elisabeth Skornik, Jean-Michel Reusser, and Lena Cabanes.

Didier de Plaige has always fought for freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of thought.

He inspired many of the people who crossed his path.

From the creation of the radio until his death, Didier de Plaige fought to keep Here and Now! alive, by going on two hunger strikes for the restoration of his frequency in 1982 and in 1996, By personally financing his associative radio, having always encountered financial difficulties, and even making live broadcasts from his hospital bed where he exchanged live and in full awareness with his listeners in December 2022 to inform them of his state of health and announce to all the listeners that he would like his radio to continue to exist after his death.

Didier de Plaige has left us but his works will remain forever.