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Secularism is a principle…

Secularism is a principle that aims to guarantee freedom of conscience and religion for all citizens, allowing them to practice their religion in compliance with the laws and life in society.

Secularism does not position itself either for or against a particular religion, it aims to ensure the neutrality of the State in matters of religion and to guarantee equality between all citizens, whatever their beliefs or lack of belief. In this, secularism is a fundamental principle for the maintenance of social peace and respect for the rights and freedoms of everyone.

"Secularism is an essential principle for ensuring respect for cultural and religious diversity within a democratic, rational and republican society where no religion or irrational fanatic thought intervenes in the rules and secular social life, while allowing each individual to freely live their personal convictions."
(Quoted from David ABBASI's book "Religiosity and Rationalism"1982)

The Founder

Didier de Plaige

Didier de Plaige is a pioneer of free radio in France. Founder on June 21, 1980 of the pirate radio Here and Now!, he created on January 14, 1973 in Saône-et-Loire the center for meditation and long Buddhist retreats Dashang Kagyu Ling, promoting the installation of Tibetan lamas. In 1987, this place became one of the main centers of attraction for Tibetan Buddhism in Europe.

He translated and published Richard Alpert's book Remember, Be Here Now in 1975 with Éditions Robert Dumas.

On June 21, 1980, he inaugurated the interactive local radio Here and Now! with Guy Skornik, Elisabeth Skornik, Jean-Michel Reusser, and Lena Cabanes.

Didier de Plaige has always fought for freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of thought.

He inspired many of the people who crossed his path.

From the creation of the radio until his death, Didier de Plaige fought to keep Here and Now! alive, by going on two hunger strikes for the restoration of his frequency in 1982 and in 1996, By personally financing his associative radio, having always encountered financial difficulties, and even making live broadcasts from his hospital bed where he exchanged live and in full awareness with his listeners in December 2022 to inform them of his state of health and announce to all the listeners that he would like his radio to continue to exist after his death.

Didier de Plaige has left us but his works will remain forever.

History of Ici et Maintenant!

Here and Now is a pioneer of free French radio. It broadcast for the first time on June 21, 1980 at 10 p.m., from an apartment in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. Pirate radio at the time, it was seized twice before the famous release of the airwaves in 1982, when it could legally broadcast. From this time, the radio practiced the "free antennas", that is to say that it offered its listeners the possibility of telephoning and passing the message of their choice to the antenna, including the FM transmitter is directly connected to an answering machine. A host is there to ensure a certain moderation and to avoid slippages, even if the radio adopts at the end of 1980 an even more radical form of freedom, removing the host from the equation. This disturbing approach at the time will be worth to Here and Now a non-renewal of its license to transmit, which will lead its founders Didier de Plaige and Guy Skornik to start 2 hunger strikes. In the 1990s, listeners would join radio staff squarely in a 40-day hunger strike outside CSA headquarters. The radio was finally authorized to broadcast again in May 2001. Since 1997, it had already been broadcasting worldwide thanks to the Internet, a technology then still in its infancy. Since 2014, it has been broadcasting on FM 24 hours a day, in the Ile-de-France region.

David Abbasi joined Didier de Plaige in 1984 and began his collaboration with the radio as an economic partner, helping the association to emerge from its financial crises. From 1985, he began to host "Soleil de Perse", the first Persian radio station in France, 6 years before RFI radio in Persian.

From 1986, following a proposal by Didier de Plaige, David Abbasi began to host programs in French on Tuesdays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Morgane Awesta, from the age of 5, became a host-announcer on David's shows. At the age of 12, she is the youngest journalist on the radio "Here and Now" and she has interviewed great personalities such as the senator minister Henri Caillavet, the president of Parliament Jean-Louis Debré, Pierre Marion boss of DGDI, Maître Golpa and Pierre Henri DG of FTA, as well as others.

Since 2019, Didier de Plaige has appointed Morgane Awesta as director of the radio and a year before, he informed his children by email that "the host Morgane is well placed to differentiate between the sincere and the opportunists. Her father, David Abbasi, will know how to make the voice of wisdom heard, and respect for the founding spirit." (Didier, May 3, 2018 - 2:18 p.m. addressed to his children).

Even in the last minute of his life, the philosophy president Didier de Plaige confided his total confidence in his director of the antenna, Morgane Awesta. In Didier's only will, which was recorded at his request at the hospital and which exceeded ten hours, he addressed these words to his children: "Morgane is my goddaughter and the governor-commander and the director of the radio 'Here and Now'…" and just 30 hours before his death, at 11 p.m. on December 24, 2022, he called Morgana to wish her a Merry Christmas.

Since 1985 to date they have been on our antenna, in David Abbasi's broadcasts
Vignette de la publication - Hervé Bourges

Hervé Bourges

Vignette de la publication - Pierre Marion

Pierre Marion

Vignette de la publication - Henri Caillavet

Henri Caillavet

Vignette de la publication - Jacques Vergès

Jacques Vergès

Vignette de la publication - Aziz Nessin

Aziz Nessin

Vignette de la publication - Anne Hidalgo

Anne Hidalgo

Vignette de la publication - Paul Quilles

Paul Quilles

Vignette de la publication - Président Mario Soares

Président Mario Soares

Vignette de la publication - Jacques Chirac

Jacques Chirac

Vignette de la publication - Danielle Mitterrand

Danielle Mitterrand

Vignette de la publication - Général Henri Paris

Général Henri Paris

Vignette de la publication - Serge Klarsfeld

Serge Klarsfeld

Vignette de la publication - Revue de Presse interactive

Revue de Presse interactive

du Lundi au Vendredi, à partir de 14h avec Morgane ou Philippe
Vignette de la publication - Nouvelle Conscience

Nouvelle Conscience

le 3ème Samedi du mois, à partir de 23h avec par Olivier Vinet
Vignette de la publication - MusiFiction


les Lundis à 19h avec Olivier Piquepé
Vignette de la publication - L'Humeur du Temps

L'Humeur du Temps

Premier et dernier Samedi du mois, à partir de 23h avec David Abbasi
Vignette de la publication - L'Heure anglaise

L'Heure anglaise

Actuellement, Ici & Maintenant! présente Eckhart TOLLE. Le matin, de 6h00 à 7h00, en anglais, et le samedi, en français, de 17h30 à 19h00
“ Si je m'aime, je t'aime. Si je t'aime, je m'aime. ”
“ Parfois, lâcher prise est un acte plus puissant que se défendre ou s'accrocher. ”
Eckhart Tolle
“ Il n’y a pas de cause à la peur. Elle n’est qu’imagination. Elle te bloque comme une barre de bois tient une porte fermée. Brise cette barre. ”
“ La valeur des choses n'est pas dans la durée, mais dans l'intensité où elles arrivent. C'est pour cela qu'il existe des moments inoubliables, des choses inexplicables et des personnes incomparables. ”
Fernando Pessoa
“ Dès que tu avances sur le chemin, le chemin apparaît. ”
“ Hier j'étais intelligent, alors je voulais changer le monde. Aujourd'hui je suis sage, alors je veux changer ma personne. ”
“ Certains changements vous sembleront négatifs en apparence, mais vous vous rendrez vite compte que cet espace est créé dans votre vie pour que quelque chose de nouveau émerge. ”
Eckhart Tolle

Health-Spirituality Agenda

It has been a tradition for "Ici & Maintenant!", since June 21, 1980, to offer a large place to the themes of well-being and self-knowledge.

Discover the AGENDA OF GUESTS FROM 5:30 p.m. and ask them your questions live on +33 8 90 37 38 38

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