For nearly 39 years, we have trained hundreds of animators, who will have stayed on average for 2 or 3 years, before getting married, moving, having children, finding a paid job, start their business, etc.
For everyone, it is 99% an enriching experience and also a springboard.
We ensured their complete training. But the wheel keeps turning.

We constantly receive CVs from people looking for a job. However, our economic model, without advertising, does not allow us to pay them.
Wage labor also has its downside. It can lead to overly complex relationships between trainers and candidates, who can sometimes come to believe that they are established and ask for more than the basic friendly agreement.

This training is in itself a great gift, and allows us to forge links with some of our guests received on the air.

Several animators have set up their own companies thanks to this relationship. Others have gone further, to the editorial staff of RFI, the magazine L'Express, or the management of Mezzo.
The door remains open to candidates who have free time and are able to appreciate that a complete training is already a respectable exchange.

It will be so much more comfortable for everyone, rather than always favoring young people who are sometimes very demanding in search of a job, demanding to be paid from their first week of training (!)… to favor the arrival at branch of a few seniors, less pushy and more mature.
They and they will be released from the constraint of raising funds to leave the family cocoon.
History also to bring a little more depth to the subjects discussed on the air.